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3D Holographic Air Display

Available Now in Egypt

is a cost-effective solution to show a holographic effect floating free in the air. The impact of this display is the simplicity, brightness and clear image that at a long distance everyone can see, very easy to install, video content requires only basic development.

The effect is created by a bar with high tech led light that spin a high speed, turning invisible the hardware and creating a colorful image that can reproduce video and still images files. Change the content is that essay as plug the SD in the slot and turn on the display.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Resolution: 450*224

Life of LED: 20000 hours

Lamp: RGB0805LEDlight

Display Diameter: 420mm

Viewing Angle: 176°

Input Voltage: AC110-240v, 50/60hz

Power: 10W-15W

Display Size: 42 x 42 cm

Software: converting any black background video/image into LED format video/image

Display Support Format: mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,gif,jpg,png with black background.

Work environment: indoor, non-waterproof

l  Applied for indoor environment. If used outdoor, a protected cover is needed for the LED fan.

l  Suggested height: more than 3.5m high, otherwise please use protected cover.

l  Edit software support the customization of video and image

l  Edit software can be used for windows XP,7,8,10

l  Support  normal format of video,GIF and image display


Rent Video Wall (LED Screens)

Rent Video Wall (LED Screens) Hyper Sonic Displays

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large video screen.

Over the last few years, companies have started to use video walls to professionalize many types of business events, including management and sales meetings, special presentations and screenings, and trade show displays. In fact, the global video wall market is expected to double by 2020 as technology continues to advance.


You Run Your Event…We’ll Take Care of the Video

At Hyper Sonic, We specialize in large screen LED wall turnkey rentals for events. We can create indoor or outdoor displays — any size you need. By using our top-notch, experienced professionals, there’s no need for you to know which video equipment to get or how to set up the video wall. And, of course, it’s much more cost effective to rent rather than to buy expensive video equipment that you’ll only use a few times a year.

Video walls are not new, but because of changing technology, what you can do with video walls has been greatly expanded in the last few years. As video has grown more popular on the web, video walls have become popular, as well. LED wall displays can now be customized to suit your company’s specific theme, brand, look, and design. By using eye-catching visuals and dynamic digital displays, you’ll keep your employees and your prospects attuned to your message.

Even large video walls can be easily constructed and disassembled and the applications and configurations are limitless – featuring unique configurations. These flexible, stunning walls are perfect for trade show booths, product launches, galas, brand activation. By using a video wall for your next special event you can transform it from a standard event into an unforgettable one.

The seamless nature of LED video walls means that there is a very slim edge around the video wall and the gap (or seam) between the display panels is barely noticeable when displaying your video content.

Some of the advantages of LED video wall displays include:

  • They can receive multiple inputs, including most inputs received by your computers.
  • Unlike a projected video where direct sunlight can affect the picture quality, the brightness of a
  • LED video wall is adjustable allowing it to provide exceptional video even in direct sunlight.
  • They do not require projection equipment or cabling to be set up in the audience viewing area.
  • LED wall displays run efficiently on low power either from a generator or direct power.
  • They can be supported by their own structure or by your structure or roof.

Call us today. Let us configure a memorable video wall display for you and rent you the equipment to make it happen.

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Audio Visual Event Services

We like to provide best of Audio Visual event services and technical production solutions for staging events and conferences. We will make a statement of excellence to your targeted audience, whether your requirement is for Sound Reinforcement, Function Lighting, Room Theming, AV Equipment, or high level Video Projection, we have a large range of customization packages that can be tailored to meet the simplest or most demanding of applications.

Our Solutions & Services include:


** Installation of (Hologram & 3D Projection Mapping)

** All types of Screens (LED video walls up to 200 meter – Multi Touch – LCD – Plasma – 3D)

** Data Show& Projectors (up to 30K Ansi)

** Sound System (Speakers – Amplifiers – Mixers – Microphones)

** Light System (LED pars – Moving Heads – Laser Beams – Dimmers – Truss …etc.)

** Video Production (HD, Full HD, Cranes, video mixers)

** installing of Conferences & Exhibitions

** Video Conferencing

** Translations Digital Unit

** 3D Designs and Productions (Décor)

** Equipment Rental or Purchase

** On Site Technical Support

** Preventive Maintenance


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The culmination of the design, planning and decision making process depends upon the physical installation of the equipment at the job site. The objective of Job Superintendents and Installation Technicians is to take the specifications, drawings and equipment and apply their craftsmanship to build a system of outstanding performance. The system is tested and commissioned by Hyper Sonic AV Engineers and Project Managers prior to turning over to the customer.

Our full-service comprehends planning, setting and realization of vents of any scale – almost everywhere. Our love for details in conception and planning to organization and realization makes the difference between event and experience.

Rent Projectors in Egypt

Rent Projectors in Egypt for Any Size Business Event

Hyper Sonic has the ideal video projector rental for your business event. Our skilled technicians have the expert knowledge to help you determine which projector and screen rental will ensure the best picture quality at your event whether they are being used for:

  • General session
  • Breakout room
  • Boardroom/Conference room
  • Training
  • Mattings
  • Classes

Rent Projectors in Egypt

Top of the Line Projectors and Screens

You can rent projectors through amazing packages that can supply the ideal equipment for your presentation and venue needs. Our skilled Account Executives can help you to find the ideal projector and screen rental for your event’s setting and audience size.

Projector and Screen Rental Packages:

  • Panasonic, Epson, NEC, Hitachi and more
  • Rent projectors in Egypt accommodate any venue
  • Boardroom to theater grade projector rentals
  • Multiple high lumen options, WE have up to 30K
  • Rent projectors in Egypt with in a variety of lenses
  • Front and rear projection rentals
  • Fast Fold projector screens and surfaces
  • LED and LCD displays
  • Commercial-grade projectors
  • High definition projectors
  • Rental Projector Selection that Meets Your Needs

Rent Projectors in Egypt

Our Rental Projector Inventory Can Provide:

  • Meeting projectors
  • Projection screens
  • Digital projector rental
  • DLP projector rental
  • Tripod screen rental


Presentation Equipment and More

An excellent presentation begins with optimized visuals, but we can provide much more than just projector rentals. Hyper Sonic in Egypt can supply virtually every type of audio visual equipment, including: Rent Projectors, back office equipment, audio visual, and trade show technology. With our vast projector and screen rental inventory, we have standard projectors and projector kits that can be connected to any video source. We also offer the sound systems, lighting, and staging that complete a presentation. Our onsite technicians will provide the full-service installation that your professional presentation demands.

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Audio Visual Services in Egypt – Conference and Event Planning

Audio Visual Services in Egypt

Audio Visual Services in Egypt

For ease in planning, all Audio Visual Services in Egypt and technical equipment needs may be requested through the Conference and Events Planning offices. Our knowledgeable staff will work with Media Services to meet your every need, large or small, and can help you determine the best equipment to meet your needs.

We offer a full range of Audio Visual Services in Egypt to ensure a flawless presentation or meeting.

When using our equipment you can count on our staff to be readily available to troubleshoot equipment and provide knowledgeable on-site support. The University reserves the right to determine extra and unusual technical support at an additional hourly fee.

Every effort will be made to inform you of potential technical support charges. If you wish to have a technician dedicated to your event, the staff is available for an hourly charge.

Customers may preview their presentation materials, test equipment, and consult with a Media Services Technician anytime prior to the day of their event by appointment. Please call the Meeting and Event Planning Office at (+2) 0100 157 25 71 to schedule an audio visual consultation.


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