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Hologram is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object, and then presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional.

Hologram    Hologram





Hyper Sonic in Egypt, we started out by building solid staging and audiovisual services for our clients. We’ve evolved since then to add high-tech services like holographic projection to the mix, and the latest offering in this area is our Scalable Holographic Displays.

What is a Scalable Holographic Display?

Our holographic displays are similar in concept but smaller in scale. Scalable Holographic Displays are a fully integrated 3D projection platform that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance your product and display it in a way that will garner attention. These displays can combine physical objects with 3D imagery and lend an aspect of virtual reality to any viewing experience.

Our displays use a version of the Pepper’s Ghost illusion to create a three-dimensional image that is interactive and engaging. Unlike their life-sized counterparts, these holographic illusions are smaller in size, allowing for simple, small-scale presentations.

A Scalable Holographic Display is perfectly suited to any event where you need a striking and cost-effective way to engage visitors and display items that might be too large or costly to implement at full scale. Ideal platforms include:

Product launches

Trade shows



Show windows


Retail stores

How can you benefit from a Scalable Holographic Display?

An engaging, memorable experience: Holographic illusions will leave an impact on your audience and invite them to get up close to see what your product is all about. Because Scalable Holographic Displays are visually stunning on their own, guests are inclined to spend more time checking them out and admiring the striking detail of the image.

Flexibility and customization: Our Scalable 3D Holographic Displays give you the ability to showcase the specs and features of any product, large or small, inside and out, whether or not it has been put into production yet. The beauty of this size of display is that it opens up whole new opportunities for visualizing, communicating, and understanding between you and your audience.

Bright and clearly visible: Images and videos are bright and visible, even in direct sunlight.

Easy to operate: Simply upload your custom content to the included tablet via USB. From there, the content is projected onto an invisible screen inside the box.

Reduced paper waste: In lieu of 3D holographic illusions, you would probably use cardboard cutouts, printed pictures, and other paper materials that require resources to create and would eventually end up in the trash. Our Scalable Holographic Displays eliminate much of your paper waste, giving you a clean, reusable means of marketing your products.


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