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Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards in Egypt

Smooth writing, high-resolution display and easy remote image sharing combine in Hyper Sonic’s range of interactive whiteboards to bring collaboration to your meeting or boardroom. Ideal for developing, recording, and sharing ideas visually across multiple locations, our interactive whiteboards are here to boost your productivity and facilitate flexible working.
Simply by touching the large display, users can access and control any computer application or multimedia platform, including the Internet, CD-ROMs and DVDs. With Smart Board software, users can write over applications in digital ink and then edit, save, print or post their notes to a website for future reference.
interactive board
Hyper Sonic interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms, briefing rooms and boardrooms around the world, helping people to collaborate effectively whether they are in the same room or in another location. Feature-rich software and intuitive functionality make the SMART Board interactive whiteboard the number one choice of educators, presenters and trainers in more than 75 countries.
We specialize in the installation of Interactive Whiteboards for both education and commercial use. Interactive Whiteboards are designed for use with an LCD projector and notebook or desktop computer. They are ideal for education and training organizations.
We are accredited installers for the following interactive whiteboard products: - Starboard - I-Board