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Lighting Rentals

Don’t be left in the dark!

Lighting can transform your room and completely change the atmosphere.

When you have the need for lighting for a conference, production, exhibitions, we can do it all. AV Events can provide a full range of lighting equipment including LED lighting, movers, static lighting, and haze/smoke machines.

LED Lighting

Here at Hyper Sonic Av in Egypt, We have the latest technology in LED lighting. We can light up your event in almost any color you can imagine. With our large range of LED cans, we can use them to create an atmosphere for your event whether it’s stage lighting, up lighting or a simple room wash.

Effects lighting

Effects lighting can make your event look spectacular. A gobo break up wash, or moving lights for the entertainment can make your event stand out from the rest. With our specialized lighting equipment we can also project moving company logos or pictures than can be custom made for you. Our lighting technicians can help you create a spectacular and customized lighting experience.


With different sized events, comes different requirements for rigging. We have a wide range of chain motors, chain blocks, box and tri truss, slings and stands along with other rigging equipment. We can even theme your event with trussing, should you wish to hang banners and create an industrial look to your event.

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