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Screen Rentals in Egypt

We have the best rentals offers to have the screens you like in your venue, Led video wall, touch screens, Plasma or LCD screens.

Multi-Touch Screens:

cropped-touch1.jpgMulti-touch is a method of input on a touchscreen that allows two or more fingers to be used on the screen at one time. Apple’s iPhone is famous for introducing multi-touch to the cell phone world by using it to allow pinching and stretching gestures on the screen to control zooming.

Multi-Touch is Tabler TV magically transforms your TV / Monitor into a Large Touch Screen Tablet, Interactive Table or Touch Wall.

(Screen sizes: 32″, 40″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 70″, 80″, 84″ and up to 108 inch largest touch screen)


Plasma Screens:

LCD, Plasma and Touch ScreenPlasma TV’s create a picture from a gas (plasma) filled with xenon and neon atoms and millions of electrically charged atoms and electrons, that collide when you turn the power on.

The energy the collision releases increases the energy level in the plasma and the neon and xenon release photons of light (similar to the way neon lights work). Plasma TVs offer large viewing areas (up to 50 inches) but are very thin.

While they offer excellent picture quality, they are quite expensive and are fast becoming the popular choice for HDTV.


3D Screens TV:

3D Screen3D TV, or stereoscopic TV, is an effort at mimicking reality. It’s an optical illusion, a trick to make our brains think something’s got depth, when it hasn’t – to make something look real, when it’s not.That may sound a tad dishonest, but it’s not different to adding extra detail with high definition cameras. 3D has broadly the same aim; though technically speaking it’s completely different to HD.

With 3D glasses on, each eye sees a slightly different image; your brain does the rest in creating the illusion of both depth and ‘front’ effects in what is obviously a completely flat image.




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