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Stage Holographic Projection


The 1st in EGYPT: This is a system of three-dimensional projection allowing to create moving 3D images of any items, objects and people within the size range from baseball to a tank in actual size.

Key feature of the technology is an opportunity to combine virtual and real
It’s all about the stage! Real people and objects interacting with virtual content may be there. Just imagine: you are moving volumetric items right in the air similar to icons on the smartphone screen. Or you are rotating a car of actual size by hand! And the entire volume – with shadows and reflected highlights – is seen without 3D glasses.

How it works:

Start with our patented foil, completely invisible to the naked eye. Rig it as 45 degree across the stage and beam moving content onto it via a projector or any other display source, giving the impression of a real 3D image on stage add clever lighting and stage dressing, and the result is a stunning visual medium.

The Holographic Stage System will bring your event alive in any environment. from gigantic concert to inmate holographic gigs, get ready to take center stage and see your audience beam back at you with wonder.

What things look particularly well – spectacular and demonstrably?

We marked out 4 main competences of the technology. It’s almost irreplaceable when you need

To show vividly a person who can’t be at an event on some reason:

In this case “vividly” means plausibly: like if this person was on the stage in reality. May the real Holo sytage 1person doesn’t have the opportunity to participate in the show – his holographic copy professionally will manage with the task and be acting exactly like him: walking through the stage, interacting with objects, performing before an audience, singing, dancing, etc. The auditory may even doesn’t detect “substitution” and wont’ be surprised to the familiar person – till his twin appears.

To show easily heavy items, as well as large, bulky and difficult to transporting ones:

It’s much more convenient and rational to use actual size 3D images instead ofHolo sytage 2 real objects and machines in such a case. To twist in the air 3D model of a car which was just presented at the International Geneva Motor Show is more practical than buy it, waiting for weeks together and built complicated demonstration system after that.

Now you can show any 3D from the stage:
How a person is doubling or falling to cubes in the middle of his monologue, how he is growing to giant size or becoming a Lilliputian. It’s possible to organize a trip across Galaxies or inside of mobile device. To arrange a Jedi swords fight, fashion show with Victoria’s Secret angels, to grow a tree at the stage for few seconds…


To show simply sophisticated things – for example, the structure of a specific complex device or whole big system.

Holo sytage 4May be it will take some time and effort to install sophisticated equipment on the podium spinning at the stage and to include it in the scenario of an event, but it is possible. And what about other stunts? To disassemble the hydraulic unit with one sweep, select and zoom some specific item and run it showing operating principle and sectional structure.

To show demonstrably invisible or non-existent in reality things:

Holo sytage 5For the majority of people vision is a main perceptive channel. That is why demonstrativeness is a significant feature of the technology. Having it you may visualize whatever you wish. This is especially worthwhile when you can’t show a real object because it’s invisible or very small. Imagine that suddenly you start see magnetic fields permeating space around or atoms and molecules zoomed a billion times.


3D on a flat screen cannot be compared with 3D hologram projection.
As in the case with people, there are no irreplaceable technologies. You have an option to show 3D video using plasma display panel, video wall or projection screen (for large audience). Good option but it’s not stunning. Admit, to point on the 3D design of the house on a screen is not the same as rotate it in the air. These are two different 3D.

What kind of 3D holographic content can you display?

Seven Box Asia will work with your creative team to draw up the prefect storyboard for your holographic event or show. We have talented team of in house 3D animations and film crew who can create any kind of content for your events,

We could, for instance:

  •  Beam your CEO, Star Trek Style,onto the stage as a 3D hologram. He could then give a speech to audience.
  •  Show off your company logo and latest product as a spinning animating 3D hologram.
  •  Allow a real presenter or celebrity to have a conversation with a virtual version of themselves.

The Possibilities are truly endless!