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Hyper Sonic


Audio Visual

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Simple, We are a professional audio visual integrator, dedicated to delivering  Excellent state-of-the art product, functional design, and quality customer service to our clients. 

We are the experts, so our job is to listen to your needs, 

work together on concepts, specifications and transform them into a cost-effective, practical solution for your space,

Hyper Sonic’s is a vision of a team that insists that “we have a nice time doing what we do and enjoy what we are doing.”


audio visual
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Aly, Hyper Sonic Egypt

Established in 2006, a specialist for cutting-edge audiovisual technology solutions in Egypt, lighting, LED screens (video wall), touch screens, projection mapping, holograms and interactive solutions. We select the right equipment for our customers to meet their requirements and budget, to ensure every project is successful from beginning to end.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest expectations and quality creative ideas and approaches to provide a reliable service to attain our respected clients’ desired goals, Specialized in show production and event management business and with vast experience, Hyper sonic provides consumers with the latest audio visual equipment and rental or lease services.

In addition, we design and manufacture conference and exhibition booths including interior spot decor design.

audio visual hyper sonic team
audio visual hyper sonic team
what we do

Extensive analysis, great care and consideration were taken in forming partnerships with some of the manufacturers of World’s Finest Audio Visual Lighting and Network equipment. Together we can provide comprehensive audio video lighting solutions for integration in various sectors such as government, education, industry, retail, religious places, and hotels, etc.

Our Vision: We are still looking forward to seeing high-quality, creative precision in the audiovisual industry

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We ready to to put that wow factor in your event
Our production process

We’ll help you choose the most effective service for your audience during the initial consultation. We will review your budget and help you ensure that your targets for the event are achieved.

Work Load-In

Our team will be configuring your kit securely and efficiently during load in. Our rigging crew works hand-in – hand with site technicians to highlight your brand and perform numerous lighting tests to confirm that the technology works perfectly before showing up.


Our team will coordinate all elopement & elements throughout the event on the show day and will provide a point person for any questions or issues that you wish to discuss at the venue.