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Hyper Sonic

Interactive tools

Interactive Solutions

We syndicate an innovative approach, Creative thinking, and a full understanding of today’s fast-moving technology

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Interactive Solutions

We syndicate an innovative approach, Creative thinking, and a full understanding of today’s fast-moving technology

Take the market by storm, interactivity. As consumers familiarize themselves with mobile devices and tablets they want the same experience with other items such as screens and whiteboards.

Touch is everywhere and today Hyper Sonic is equipped with state-of-the-art interactive technology, goods, operation, and support.

Hyper Sonic reflects best-in – class output with a wide variety of immersive touch solutions, while being customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Constructed for the most demanding conditions and to the exacting expectations of the customers.

Our wide product range offers unrivaled performance , durability and value.

1st Service

Interactive Displays

Hyper Sonic Interactive Solutions offer Interactive displays integrate the inlet and outlet features of our various interactive systems with LCD or LED technologies of different sizes. Our interactive display provides a fully integrated alternative to a main screen in your conference room or classroom, such as a small interactive remote control monitor or a laptop style second monitor.

The virtual show is the perfect method to help you incorporate ideas and concepts, or to capture audiences or students to enhance performance.

We can provide sizes  like: 32′, 42′, 55 65. 86′

We can offer some of thsese sizes for as a rental , we offer selling too.

Touch Screen

The Finest
Interactive Solutions In Egyptian Market

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2nd Service

Interactive Floor Projection

Our interactive solutions has one of the nicest techs, An odd and thrilling device that blends all of the enjoyable elements of spinning fire, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, beautiful flowers, fluffy clouds and visual auras into a single framework. With the element of surprise, users become captivated with the interactive floor projection.

The interactive floor projection system is out of the ordinary, thrilling and new. Not only can it respond in real time but it can generate and send powerful messages in a unique way through ads, brand re-enforcement and corporate identity building.

interactive solutions

The Interactive Floor System Is Out Of The Ordinary

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3rd Service

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive White Board is a hybrid of easy to use computer-integrated white board formats, and is essential to innovative educational opportunities and cutting processes through companies, government sectors, and other learning environments.

The major benefit of this product is that it allows for direct digital recording during the usual course of a learning session or presentation; these are automatically stored in PDF, JPG and other common formats for future reference or sharing with others. Apart from simplicity, the product is so easy to operate that no additional workout effort is needed.

interactive board

Change That Ordinary Way Of Learning

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Get the best & latest of the tech

Our production process


We’ll help you choose the most effective service for your audience during the initial consultation. We will review your budget and help you ensure that your targets for the event are achieved.

Work Load-In

Our team will be configuring your kit securely and efficiently during load in. Our rigging crew works hand-in – hand with site technicians to highlight your brand and perform numerous lighting tests to confirm that the technology works perfectly before showing up.


Our team will coordinate all elopement & elements throughout the event on the show day and will provide a point person for any questions or issues that you wish to discuss at the venue.