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Interactive Floors

Interactive Floor Projection System

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  • We can create innovative Audio-Visual Effects with our Interactive Floor Projection System.
  • When a person passes, magnificent effects projected onto the floor. This will include your logo and brandings.
    Use it as an advertising medium to promote brand awareness.
  • It is latest visual marketing tool to launch new products and services at exhibitions, promotion and entertainment events.
  • The Interactive Floor System can engage customers, command attention, increase visitor traffic, drive sales and create a more dynamic customer experience
Interactive Floors

Exciting, Engaging, Interactive

  • The interactive floor projection is an exciting new way of engaging your customers and visitors, the Hyper Sonic’s Floor combines natural human motion with floors and surfaces.

Easily turn any open space into an experience for your visitors, stop people in their tracks as they play, walk and interact with games or marketing content. People’s instinctive curiosity will draw them to the interactive space enabling you to engage with them on a personal level and increase foot traffic to the areas you want them to be in.

Fully customize your solution the way you want it

  • Any image, Video and audio file can be added to the many effects available to build up a structured sequence specifically targeted at each learner. Teachers or therapists can design
  • a program around a pupil’s specific needs and link it to a swipe card for re-use at a later date.

    Multiple users can be added to the system and programs can be changed by the simple swipe of a card. With in-built wheels, you can easily move from room to room. The camera head lowers for easy access through doorways. A fixed installation is available with floor, wall or ceiling projection