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Hyper Sonic

Online Conference Rentals in Egypt

We are happy to provide Online Conference Rentals services like Live Streaming, webinars Webcasting & Online conferences, Virtual Meeting Services,

We can help you if you are looking for a reliable and attractive option to host your meeting or event virtually. We have the knowledge, team, and resources to make it happen for you. Conferences often require a quick effort and a high cost.

It takes venue, stage, technology, and organizing travel, food, and accommodation for the participants which takes time and nerves. We have created a simple and affordable solution: online conferences.

video conference, Live Streaming, Online Video Conference

Speakers are connected to the conference moderator by phone, so conference attendees can easily follow the presentations. We provide complete internet facilities. We’ve organized complex conference calls for all events, which speakers can connect to right away when it’s time to finish their event.

The web application we developed allows speakers to upload their presentations online and convert this page from page to page themselves.

We coordinate the course of the conference and switch the sound and the presentation image of the respective speakers live

video conference, Live Streaming, Online Video Conference

Participation in Presentations

*Speaker + presentation
*The individual president
*picture in picture

Through our live chat, viewers have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas effectively about the content of the show. To organize access to the online conference, we offer the possibility of pre-registration. Therefore, for internal activities, it is possible to determine exactly and control the people authorized to access the website. We have tested and used this method successfully many times for our clients.

video conference, Live Streaming, Online Video Conference

Video Conference Services:

Video Conferencing is an online video conferencing product. Up to 30 people can be on the same call, and you have full-screen sharing and recording capabilities. All you need to use Hyper Sonic video conferencing is a personal laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a camera – and a strong Internet connection. There are no passwords to remember or logins to create. Just share the link among your meeting participants, and with one click they will join the meeting.