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LED Video Wall

LED Video wall Screens with Hyper Sonic in Egypt…..

LED Video wall rental offers with us in your venue in Egypt, We have different pixels, up to your choice, We can cover any space you desire too.

LED Video Wall          LED Video Wall

LED/LCD based video walls are designed for control rooms to digital signage and architectural applications. Multiple LED’s LCD’s can be combined together using EXD Pronto series of video wall controllers to create a mammoth resolution display unit and create a vibrant visual experience for the users, with the flexibility of displaying any content on the video wall. These video walls can be used in mission critical control rooms, digital signage, conference rooms, hospitality, retails store, malls and exhibitions.

We provide the ultimate LED experience for any venue.

We can customize our new ultra bright LED video panels configured to your specific event.

Professional set-up is always included.

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