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Hyper Sonic

Sound and Light Rental in Egypt

Sound and Light Rental

Sound and Light Rental in Egypt

Hyper Sonic provides specialist sound and light rental with the finest labels and equipment standards.

Our sound and light rental specialists will come to your place, set up all the equipment and run a sound check and check the lighting in advance of your case. Until all is tested, we will run the sound system and the lighting during your place.

Hyper Sonic Egypt has invested in a vast range of rental audio equipment that can suit the size or scale of the case. If it’s a tiny meeting room or a full-length Gala Dinner or an award show at a stadium, our engineer knows what’s best for us to bring the right acoustics to the place.

If you are looking for a PA System for your event, be it a corporate event, gala dinner, conference, Exhibitions, etc.,

Sound and Light
Sound and Light Rental

we have the PA System along with a technical team for you along with the wide range of backline that ensures that we can provide services to match all of your requirements

Sound and Light Rental
Our Sound rental service is assured at the lowest price relative to all other sound rental providers in Egypt. You would want to look around and compare the rental expense of some with the hourly amount. Good quality Audio rental solution is our highest priority and we deliver the best rental PA scheme in the country.

Your order for sound and light rental can be sent to us by filling in the form available on this page or by calling on us. we’re still available on what’s the app. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of need for sound and light rental in Egypt and all over the town. We’re going to be happy to assist you with your upcoming event

Have you ever walked into a live setting or event and things just felt perfect? The mood, the venue, the sound, the set-up. The most memorable events happen flawlessly because of the things that you don’t actually see. The production, the people, and the equipment behind it all.

Have you ever stepped into a live environment or case, and things all seemed perfect? The atmosphere, the place, the music, the set-up. The most exciting incidents are going on flawlessly regardless of the things you don’t really see. The production, the staff, and the equipment behind all this.

We don’t believe in the norm or the average. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding support and ingenuity to you. We’re incorporating the key element that some don’t know – creativity. Almost everything we do for our customers is designed and tailored to them.

sound and light rental
sound and light rental
If you need music for a hundred people or light for a 5,000-seat auditorium, Hyper Sonic Egypt Sound and Light rental has the ideas and experience to go beyond your dreams.
Thank you for visiting our blog. Take a look around to see if we can assist you with your next case, equipment rental or audio visual installation.
Our staff specialises in sales, construction and leasing of sound and lighting systems and video equipment. Note, there are infinite options.
Extreme Sonic Egypt is here to support you all. We see every role as an chance to make you shine. From great event execution, imaginative design, unparalleled technical support, and amazing quality and solutions, you’ll see the enthusiasm behind what we do. Ask for a free quote.
Have questions?
Call us today at +201155530888 and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what sort of sound system rental and lighting rental would be best for your event.
We offer a full line of sound and light rental. We have microphones, PA systems, full sound systems, speakers, mixers, cables and everything you else you might need to provide quality sound for your event. We rent spotlights, LEDs, Par Cans, dimmers, controllers, full lighting systems, and more.

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sound and light rental
sound and light rental

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